Zedd’s releasing a documentary and you can watch the trailer now

With a Grammy, a pair of radio-ready albums and production credits for popstars like Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams to his name, German gun Zedd is one of dance music’s true crossover kings.

So to capture just how big things have got for the star born Anton Zaslavski, last year he allowed a documentary crew to follow him around the globe during the rollout of his second album True Colours, where he threw fan parties across the globe for each song on the record.

The film – also called True Colours – premiered at the Los Angeles film festival in June and as of October 18, it will be available to download on iTunes. True Colours traces his musical path from a young and talented musician in Germany, through his classical, jazz and heavy metal phases, right up to the Madison Square-conquering DJ that we know today.

From the looks of it, True Colours is a glittering, big budget production that gives an insight into the life of a superstar DJ. But like Steve Aoki’s recent Netflix documentary I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, there’s an undercurrent of doubt and darkness that runs through Zedd’s life and career: “When you have a show and you have 10,000 kids out there – you sometimes feel a bit disconnected,” Zaslavski says in the trailer.

Watch the full trailer below; True Colours is out via iTunes on October 18.

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