Zedd defends Bieber’s dubstep: “Everyone loves to hate”

You might remember when Justin Bieber released his long-feared venture into what he described (somewhat generously) as “dubstep”. As Long As You Love Me predictably didn’t get much love around these parts, but it turns out that full-strength derision wasn’t the only possible reaction to the single. In fact, there’s at least one big dance music name willing to stick his neck out and go so far as to say he actually liked the song.

That man is Zedd. “All jokes aside,” the German wunderkind tweeted a couple of days back, “Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me” is a great song!!!” With it hard to tell exactly how serious the up-and-comer was being, when inthemix got Zedd on the phone this morning we were sure to ask whether he genuinely digs the track. “Yes I absolutely do, I love it!” a very enthused Zedd assured.

“I only just got to hear the whole song and I thought it was amazing,” he explained. “First of all it is an amazing production, whoever produced that song. Let’s take Ellie Goulding. Ellie Goulding is an incredible singer and one of the coolest artists out there at the moment. If she sang that song everyone would love it. Everyone would love it! And there would be no hate because it’s a great song, it’s written really well and it would be a great vocal performance. But it’s easy to hate on Justin Bieber just because there has to be that person that everyone loves to hate. But I think it’s a fantastic song and I’m happy to be the person to speak it out loud because I don’t care, I really love that song.”

So he’s not fazed by the haters, then. “People have a lot of prejudice, they love to hate,” he continued. “I would much more appreciate people saying what they love than bitching about what they don’t like.” But rest assured, Zedd’s taste for Bieber hasn’t come through on his debut album Clarity – which no doubt will get a solid airing when he makes his debut Australian visit next month with Stereosonic and Foreshore.