Z-Trip [Audio]: Great American DJ hero


The last time ITM talked with Z-Trip ahead of his tour with last year’s Big Day Out, he was soaring on the back of what had been a massive 12 months for the mashup master. He’d played a life-changing gig at a US army base in Kuwait, he was playing more gigs than ever and he’d even done his bit in getting Barrack Obama into power. Last year though, Z-Trip locked down arguably one of his biggest achievements yet – he was immortalised in video game for in DJ Hero, alongside the likes of Daft Punk, Grandmaster Flash and DJ Shadow. No small feat!

“It’s such a crazy milestone, to actually be a character in a video game – and doing what I do for a living, that’s a crazy thing,” he told ITM. “The fact that I was able to just be doing what I did, and then that came along and I was able to fuse what I do into it. It’s the coolest thing in the world!”

It was no coincidence that Z-Trip was chosen to represent DJ culture in DJ Hero – he’s one of the world’s greatest party DJs, one of the originals responsible for pioneering the mashup aesthetic, and he’ll be bringing it back to Australia as part of the Good Vibrations Festival tour. What’s been going down in the sets of Z-Trip recently? ITM’s Angus Paterson has a chat and finds out.

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Sat 13 Feb – Good Vibrations, Sydney

Sun 14 Feb – Good Vibrations, Perth

Fri 19 Feb – The Forum, Sydney

Sat 20 Feb – Good Vibrations, Gold Coast

Sun 21 Feb – Good Vibrations, Melbourne