This YouTube channel has collected every bonkers Boiler Room moment

In its seven years of existence, Boiler Room has become one of dance music’s most reputable brands. It’s hosted some truly unforgettable sets, like when Berghain resident Steffi jumped behind the decks in 2012, when techno pioneer Derrick May stepped up in London, or when Jamie XX brought his indie pop to Miami back in 2013.

Of course, apart from the music, part of the joy of tuning into a Boiler Room live stream is to watch the often bizarre antics of the crowd in the background. And boy have there been some weird moments.

Now you can see them all in one place thanks to a YouTube channel called ‘People Of Boiler Room’, which has dedicated itself to painstakingly capturing and collecting these golden moments. Every ridiculous dance move, every skinny dude bopping awkwardly, every air DJ, every cringey rejection, every time someone pretended to be Satan – it’s all there.

There’s six compilations up on the channel right now along with some extras, check out a couple of the crazier clips below.