World premiere: listen to Moby’s creepy new remix

Electronic titan Moby is back in the game on Friday September 27 with new album Innocents, his most collaborative album ever, made with storied producer Mark ‘Spike’ Stent and musicians like Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips and Skylar Grey. The first single A Case For Shame – recorded with gothic-gospel singer Cold Specks – is a moody, piano driven affair with strings and muffled drums reminiscent of Moby’s indelible 10-million-selling 1999 album Play.

The bespectacled one told inthemix that, “Because of my weird insomnia issues I spend a lot of time in cities at 4am, when everyone seems to have gone to sleep. This remix is inspired by that experience, of being awake in a city at 4am when you feel like you’re the only person awake.”

We’ve got an exclusive world premiere of the remix right here – listen below (and watch Moby float in sepia-tinged water while being haunted by freaky mask-wearing women in the official video, below that).

Moby will be doing a ‘three-date world tour’ to promote Innocents in September including, luckily for Australia, a one-off DJ set at Sydney’s Chinese Laundry on September 19. And if you’re after more Moby, follow the adventures of inthemix writer Jim Poe as he recalls being invited to go on tour with Moby on the first ever American “rave tour” in 1993 (part one here and part two here).

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