Will Sparks returns for a huge homecoming tour

For Will Sparks, the last twelve months have been all about world domination. Right now, the Melbourne-bred titan is in the thick of an epic North American tour, he’s just started his own label, remixed Mark Ronson’s mega hit Uptown Funk and kept busy hosting his own iHeartRadio show, all the while watching his Facebook fan count grow larger by the day. But now, the known universe’s biggest bounce star is coming home.

Will Sparks has just announced a 10-date winter club tour of Australia, kicking off at Billboard in Melbourne on June 18 and winding through the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Townsville, Wollongong, Darwin, Perth and Adelaide over one very busy week and a half. The ‘Let’s Bounce’ tour is his biggest yet and will be bigger still when MTV air footage from the shows across the nation. Head here for ticket info and check out the full list of dates below.