Wildstylez: One of a Kind

Ever since Joram Metekohy visited Qlimax in 2001, he’s been hooked on the hardstyle sound. It wasn’t long before he traded the instruments he’d played as a kid for a studio and set off pursuing his dream of becoming a great hardstyle producer. More than a decade later, Joram – better known as Wildstylez – belongs to the world’s elite of successful hardstyle artists and his journey has become an inspiration for the many young producers who want to follow in his footsteps. In the fast-moving hardstyle scene, he’s managed to keep his credibility by continuing to grow and develop himself every single day. Chatting to inthemix, the man behind this year’s Defqon.1 anthem told us about his musical aspirations and how he made his way to the top.

Surely one of your biggest hits last year was the track Lose My Mind feat. Brennan Heart. Did you expect the success at the time you finished the track, and how has all the publicity the track received affected you?

My only thought after we finished Lose My Mind was that it was a good track. I knew that it had kind of a nice sound to it, but I didn’t expect the track to become so successful. One week later, when I played it for the first time at Decibel 2011, I noticed the good response and people started posting recordings of it on YouTube. But it was only after the release of the music video that I began to realize that this was more than just a ‘nice track’. This one was going sky high!

At next performance, the entire crowd already knew the lyrics to Lose My Mind and everyone was singing along when I dropped it. It felt so good! I guess that the success of this track did indeed make a difference for whatever happens next; my name has been all over the internet because of it. But I suppose in the end no one knows what would have happened if Lose My Mind wasn’t created? I can’t tell.

Lose My Mind is just one of many amazing tracks you have produced over the years. It seems that each track you make comes across as having its own identity and characteristics. In this day and age it’s quite unique to achieve that. How do you do this, and where do you get most of your inspiration?

My music is my reaction to whatever catches my attention. This can be anything from cool vocals to a house track that I heard on the radio. I never listen to hardstyle to get ideas to create hardstyle, that’s what makes the difference I think. It keeps my music fresh and original. I shop in the outside world and come back home to make whatever I like. Also, I’m not motivated by whether people like my music or not. I just produce what I like to make, not worrying about how hardstyle is supposed to sound or what I think the crowd might like to hear. Don’t get me wrong; there is no bigger reward than getting good reactions on what I produce, but I am not making it just to please the crowd.

If you had to describe the Wildstylez sound in 3 words, what would those words be?

Euphoric and intimate, but still hard.

You were one of the 10 hard dance acts to be voted into last year’s DJ Top 100. Has it changed anything for you?

It seems that the music business starts to take you more serious once your name shows up on lists like the DJ Mag Top 100. I honestly don’t know if it changed anything. It happened, and a lot of good things happened after it. But I was also just growing a lot as an artist, so these things could have happened without the Top 100 voting too.

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