Welcome back BeXta

BeXta has been around for a while now… for those who have been asleep and didn’t know this – wake up! She has been producing music since 1993 and since 1996 has been stompin her way through the Australian dance music scene behind the turntables; dragging a gathering of loyal fans along for the ride.

It’s been quite an exciting time for BeXta recently and InTheMix managed to score a snippet of her time and get the goss!

Through her career the spinstress has played at gigs alongside absolutely huge headlining acts such as Carl Cox, John Digweed, Timo Maas, Fat Boy Slim and the Chemical Brothers. Recently BeXta’s name has started appearing on the headline, next to those big names, I thought it would be nice to see what she thought about it all and how she felt to be put in the same class as such internationally recognised artists.

“I don’t think of it in terms of that. I have played on bills with internationals forever. I don’t think because someone is an international it makes them any better. I just try to be the best I can be.”

With those big names that she has been playing with come huge crowds of over-excited fans, all crammed into the same tiny space to get dose of the DJ in action. Crowds of up to 14000 people in fact. One has to wonder how it feels for a DJ to play to a crowd of that size then come back and play to a much smaller crowd, like that of Storm this weekend in Melbourne.

“It’s great playing to a crowd that knows you – knows your history, your good and bad gigs. It could even be considered more challenging because I can’t pull any tricks, I just have to play bloody well.”

So for BeXta which is it? Does she prefer the bigger gigs or the smaller ones?

“Nothing beats 10s of thousands of people going off in a stadium or outdoors. But it’s also an amazing feeling in a small, hot and sweaty room, playing to familiar faces, and watching them go nuts. The chemistry you can get with a crowd can happen no matter the size.”

2001 saw BeXta take off and tackle the international crowds. She made her international debut with her stompin track “One for the road” and was picked up and remixed by hard house legend Andy Farley; appearing in many of the UK DJ charts. Jetting off overseas and back again, InTheMix asked what it was that she had been doing with herself overseas.

“My last trip overseas was to play for the Summerlove festival in Vancouver Canada. It was amazing – 10,000 people in a corn field about an hour out of the city.”

When asked how different the international crowds were to the home grown Australian crowds she said that there really wasn’t too much difference!

“I think most people would (maybe) be surprised at how similar it is everywhere. Although I found that Europe’s crowds were more concentrated – for example, the Germans were more focused with their musical style than we are. I think we are lucky here that we get everything, musically speaking – from the UK, Europe, America etc and of course, our own.”

So did those new crowds, new environments and different musical influences inspire our Miss BeXta to come back and write new music?

“Doing different things in your life is important for you to keep stimulated. Whether it is traveling, seeing a movie or jumping out of a plane, it all helps to keep inspired.”

Not only was 2001 the year for BeXta internationally, at home she was also doing fantastic things. On the Australian DJ poll, BeXta rated at the number four best DJ in the country and the number one female DJ in the country, assuming that this would make someone feel rather chuffed, InTheMix asked her to tell us what she thought about the whole thing

“All warm and fuzzy inside! No really, it’s pretty cool. My heart is in the music and especially writing the music. DJing is an offshoot of that, and I am lucky that people like what I do. I still don’t consider myself a DJ though.”

Curious about the track selection process, InTheMix asked how she decided what tracks to put onto the discs and what tracks to leave off.

“Central Station and I work on a repartee which is about 80% tracks that I suggest. And 20% tracks that they play me and I like. We go through hundreds of records, and I simply use music I like and hope to hell it all comes together.”

Among the BeXta fans, her Mixology compilations have proven to be quite popular – with each fan having their own favourite disc, but what about BeXta herself? Does she have a Favourite one?

“I think they get better all the time. I haven’t actually listened to them and compared to see which one I like best. A lot of people appear to like Mixology one, disk two though.”

And there we have it kids… BeXta! As she keeps on moving up in the world we’re sure to only see greater and greater things from this gal in the future. On a creative level her skills as a producer are developing deeper all the time and she is already the number one female DJ in the country! What more could a girl ask for?!

By Nikki Blunt

Catch Bexta this weekend in Melbourne at Storm – the official Kabuki PvD recovery at Seven. She’ll be playing in Canberra in a few weeks and you can of course catch her at plenty of parties in Sydney.

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