Watch The Weeknd murder The Weeknd in ‘Starboy’ video feat. Daft Punk

Last week we received the new track Starboy from The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk, the title track to the Canadian breakthrough popstar’s upcoming third album. Not long after the track has made it out into the world, we now have a video accompaniment. And it’s a bit of an understatement to say it’s over the top with self-referential metaphor.

The clip opens with the stone–cold murder of The Weeknd (featuring his old haircut). It’s then revealed his murderer is The Weeknd (with a new haircut). The Weeknd (new haircut) then smashes up his apartment with a lightsabre crucifix thingy, breaking his platinum records. Daft Punk make a cameo in oil painting form. Then The Weeknd goes for a cruise with a panther. Subtlety need not apply.

As we reported last week, Starboy is set for release Friday November 25. The listing in Apple Music features 18 tracks, the only other name revealed is track 3, False Alarm. Starboy is the album’s opening song.

Watch the video for Starboy below.