Watch the moment the DJ trolled the Meredith crowd with a Justin Bieber hit

Andrew Levins is many things. He’s a chef, a promoter, an editor, a podcast host, a father, the co-founder of Heaps Decent with superstar producer Diplo and Nina Las Vegas, an expert level photobomber and the first man to ever play Justin Bieber in the Meredith’s famous Supernatural Amphitheatre.

Lev Dog had a prized slot on Saturday night from 1am until 2:30am, making the transition from Ratatat and Floating Points with a set that controversially featured Biebs’ hit Sorry. Video footage of the moment some critics have called “the worst in Meredith history” includes the sound of Levins on the microphone shouting out a blunt “Fuck every person here who doesn’t love Bieber”; although plenty of Beliebers can be heard singing along in the ‘Sup, not everyone was happy.

Posts on DJ Levin’s Facebook page have called the set a “buzz killer” and compared it to the sound of someone putting a “So Fresh CD on, occasionally pausing the CD to insult the crowd.” Watch the clip below.

Some people regard this moment as the worst in Meredith history. Everyone else isn’t a complete gronk. Where do you stand?

Posted by DJ Levins on Monday, 14 December 2015