Watch: The first pro footage of Boys Noize’s new live show

With Boys Noize noticeably absent from our shores since the start of 2011, anticipation is naturally high for the techno gun’s Australian return with Future Music Festival next year. But all the excitement isn’t just ‘cause we haven’t seen Alex Ridha in a while – it’s also down to the fact that he’s bringing a new live show along with him. The “Terminatoresque” new set-up – the first time Ridha’s done the full live thing – has been dubbed ‘The Skull’, and according to Boys Noize HQ features “brute visuals and storming lights”.

So if you’re keen for a sneak peek of just how hectic the new show will be, you’re in luck: Future may be the first time the German’s brought The Skull our way, but we won’t have to wait until then to catch a look at it. Ridha’s been unveiling the set-up on his current European tour, and got the camera out to film his stops in Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester and London – giving us the first pro footage of Boys Noize in live form.

“It’s going to be the first time I try to figure out how to perform all my own songs and it’s going to be the first time that I present a full concert more or less,” Ridha told The Independent about The Skull recently. “The only difficulty really is that I’m alone on stage. It would be better if there was another me with the same hands so I could control more things at the same time but as it’s just me that’s, I guess, the big challenge.” Seems like he’s handling it okay in the video below – check it out for a sweaty glimpse of what’s in store for us come March (apparently, a set so good one guy “grew another shirt”).