Watch the definitive guide to “real DJing”

Forget everything you thought you knew about DJing – The Meeting Tree are here to set the record straight. Today, the self-proclaimed “Godfathers of ADM” have released their guide to what makes a “real DJ” and it’s essential viewing.

So what makes a true selector, according to The Meeting Tree? “Real DJing is showing up lit as fuck and still getting paid,” they explain. “Real DJing is having a booth full of hangers-on. Real DJing is a tight profile pic.” And most vitally of all: “Real DJing is drinking the most expensive thing on the menu gratis, while music lovers pay a premium to be in your presence.” DJ Craze, it seems we were wrong.

Of course, this isn’t the first time The Meeting Tree have created a video that will go down in pop culture history. In May, Sydney’s Joyride and Raph delivered their tour de force for r u a cop?, an artistic statement that ranks alongside greats like Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker clip and The Prodigy’s video for Smack My Bitch Up.

If you want to see the Godfathers of ADM show off their real DJ steeze make a beeline for Chinese Laundry, where they’ll be playing next month along with the rest of the club’s impressive September line-up.


September at Chinese Laundry, brought to you by the godfathers of ADM… The Meeting Tree.

Posted by Chinese Laundry on Wednesday, August 19, 2015