Watch the “absolutely shite” Ricardo Villalobos set that has everyone talking

Minimal don Ricardo Villalobos is bona fide underground royalty, revered as much for his hypnotic, mesmerising and off-kilter production and selection skills as for his 24-hour party lifestyle. But a set this past weekend at UK festival Cocoon in the Park has attendees up in arms, with Facebook commenters calling the set everything from “absolute shite” and “shocking” to accusing him of killing the vibe and even starting a sudden downpour.

Now, footage has emerged of the set that has half the internet up in arms either decrying or defending Villalobos and the source of the outcry is pretty clear. First, the majority of the crowd obviously weren’t appreciating Villalobos taking them on one of his trademark esoteric journey sets in the mid-afternoon, sandwiched in-between high fire-power sets from crowd champions Carl Cox and Sven Vath.

And second, Ricardo himself is quite obviously feeling a teensy bit tired and emotional, as the old British euphemism would have it: the half empty bottle of whiskey he keeps swigging from, the DGAFOS dance moves he throws down and his…let’s say… eccentric mixing strategies all attest to that.

It makes for amusing watching for everyone who wasn’t at the festival, regardless, especially at the nine-minute mark when Sven Vath comes in to try and rescue things and Villalobos just keeps on dancing. Click play below to watch the footage; thankfully Villalobos is a DJ who’s previously professed how he prefers “not to sleep”, because he’s got an even busier summer ahead, with festival dates all around Europe in between his Cocoon Ibiza residency.