Watch Steve Aoki fans literally dance in poo at a show

Right now, Steve Aoki is in the thick of his Neon Future tour, which is taking the hitmaker around North America over five busy weeks. Last weekend, the tour rolled onto El Paso, Texas for what was meant to be a sold-out show – only things didn’t really work out as planned.

As faithfully documented by his own tour video, Aoki arrived at the El Paso venue to find the gig was being shut down because a sewage leak had flooded the floor. “There’s like, latrines flowing,” one staffer regretfully informs the tour party, just before the crowd – who literally stood in excrement waiting for Aoki to come on – are evacuated. “I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not safe, and we can’t have my fans dancing in shit,” Steve dejectedly tells the camera.

The Dim Mak head was able to find somewhere else to play that night, but that show too was quickly shut down – this time by police, who told Aoki they’d arrest him if he kept playing. See it all unfold below and skip to the 3.30 mark to see where things get – ahem – shitty.

But Aoki can take some comfort in the fact that he’s not the first DJ who’s seen their show take a poopy turn. In our Disaster Gigs series – where we collect tales from DJs who’ve watched their shows go awry – local name Illya told us about the time a girl in the crowd pooed in the DJ booth at Sydney nightspot Home and quickly emptied the entire club. Read Illya’s full icky account here and watch how things went down in El Paso below.