Watch Skrillex, Boys Noize, Skream and more die on camera

For most festivals, a pre-event trailer means a few minutes of good-looking punters with their hands in the air, a euphoric soundtrack and some impressive mainstage shots. But HARD Day of the Dead isn’t most festivals. The Halloween-themed weekender goes down over November 3 and 4 in downtown L.A. with a stellar, left-of-mainstream line-up, the latest in HARD Events’ year-round roster of festivals (already in 2013, HARD’s put on Holy Ship!, HARD Summer, HARD Red Rocks and more). Today, the team at HARD delivered the Day of the Dead festival trailer – and it’s quite something.

Over six minutes, you can watch the Gaslamp Killer play the part of a deranged serial killer, knocking off his line-up co-stars in spectacular style: Skream’s seemingly clobbered to death with a disco ball, the Bloody Beetroots’ Sir Bob Rifo is still puffing on a cigarette as his body bag is zipped up and Boys Noize bites the dust in a Psycho-style shower scene, humming ” yayo, yayo, you vill be my super strudel ” all the while in the hammiest German accent his imposter could muster.

That’s not the half of it. The trailer also sees Skrillex get his acting chops on, Beni from Jack Beats sit down with a cop to describe the likeness of Gaslamp Killer’s beard in not-quite-PG terms and the legendary Giorgio Morodor steal the show when he finds Deadmau5 floating lifeless in his pool (“What is a Deadmau5 doing in a pool?, the 73-year-old deadpans. “Is it trying to find that hotdog?”). It’s as much a hilarious short film as it is a festival trailer, and we’d wager it’s the best thing you’ll see on the internet all week. Get stuck in below.

If the trailer has sold you on getting to HARD festival soon, you’re in luck. This summer, HARD head Gary Richards is curating a HARD Stage at Stereosonic, with Dog Blood, Clockwork, Djedtronic, Acid Jacks and What So Not all on board to play. Then there’s the plans to bring a HARD standalone event to Australia in 2014. “We’re talking now about doing something in the spring,” Richards told inthemix last month. “Whether it’s a tour with me and a couple of guys or a HARD branded thing, we’re definitely talking about doing something for early 2014.”