Watch: Pnau and Elton John hit the stage at Ibiza 123 Festival

Over the weekend, the inaugural edition of Ibiza123 Rocktronic Festival went down. The debut bill of the Spanish party isle’s newest festival definitely featured some unexpected names: Luciano back-to-back with Lenny Kravitz, Sting and the high-rolling likes of David Guetta, Tiesto and Axwell all sharing the same lineup.

But the collab’ that had us the most intrigued was the hook-up between local duo Pnau and knighted piano veteran Sir Elton John. We got the first film clip from the unlikely collaboration last week and now, we’ve got a recording of the trio’s first live performance together. But if 1:44 of grainy iPhone footage isn’t enough to sate your appetite for the collaboration, you’ll be pleased to hear that Nick Littlemore, Pnau co-dude Peter Mayes, Elton and even fellow Ibiza123 player Fatboy Slim all told Radio 1 host Pete Tong about how the team-up went down.

“I am quite speechless, based on the whole spectacle,” Nick Littlemore began. “It’s a very humbling experience working with the great master. We had two iPods and listened to all the songs, trying to garner what we could bring to this material. And in the end we wanted to make it a dirty, young experience, and all those records are already there.”

Likewise, Elton was quick to gush about working with the Sydney duo – but not before talking-up Ibiza itself. “If I had been younger in my druggy, raving days, I probably would’ve been here non-stop. I probably would’ve lived out here. I’ve always loved electronic music. Kraftwerk were the first band I heard and loved as an electronic thing, but they weren’t really about dance, they were about getting stoned,” he began. “It’s gone now to Phoenix, Justice, Hot Chip, Metric – who I love. I’m all about electronic music. I love it. I said to Pnau, look, I’ve got no clue about what to do, but I love what you guys do. Take my master tapes away and do what you want to them, make them sound modern. I’m so happy with the results. I use dance music when I get up and shower.”

And as for Norman Cook’s thoughts on the whole thing? “I still maintain he [Elton] probably did come here in the ‘70s, he just doesn’t remember. I don’t know which is a weirder course – Sting into David Guetta or Elton John into me – they’re both fairly torturous journeys.”

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