Watch the moment Peking Duk make a crowd chant “F*ck Mike Baird”

Photo credit: Josh Fogel

The Peking Duk boys don’t mince their words: at the Sydney-stop of their current ‘Australiana’ tour, which hit the Enmore Theatre last night (Monday 7 March), the pair vented their frustration at Sydney’s lockout laws by leading the capacity crowd in a rousing chant of “Fuck Mike Baird”. And one intrepid Twitter user captured it all on video, which you can watch below.

This isn’t the first time the Canberra-born duo has spoken out against the nightlife-crippling restrictions in NSW: the week of the rousing Keep Sydney Open rally, Adam and Reuben published an inspiring Facebook post urging Sydneysiders to support the campaign against lockouts.

“Our fundamental beginnings were entirely dependant on the culture we once had with Sydney’s clubs, before the lockout laws were imposed,” they wrote. “Honestly, if it wasn’t for opportunities we were given at joints like Chinese Laundry and the clubs of Kings Cross, we would never have had the vision of making music into a career… Almost all of our nearest and dearest friends that work and live in Sydney have entirely different jobs to what they did 1.5 years ago. Please don’t let Sydney’s vibrant culture and livelihood become a memory.”

Sydney responded to the call: up to 15,000 people turned out to brave the rain and march in support of Sydney’s late night culture on Sunday 21 February. Check out the best of the witty protest banners over here, and click play below to watch Peking Duk and the entire Enmore tear into #casinomike. The ‘Australiana’ tour continues this Friday 11 March in Brisbane before coming to a close next Friday 18 March in Perth.