Watch out, EDC: Steve Aoki to perform with the Blue Man Group

After launching countless kilograms of cake and spraying litre upon litre of champagne into the faces of his obliging fans for a while now, it seems Dim Mak head honcho Steve Aoki has resolved to move onto a bigger and better on-stage gimmick. His latest excuse not to mix? A hook-up with none other than theatre performers the Blue Man Group.

As reported by marketwire, Aoki will be performing alongside the troupe of painted men during next month’s Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. After forming in 1987, the Blue Man Group now have a 25-year strong history of donning bald caps, covering themselves completely in blue make up and performing on stage. They’re also well-known for their status as an ongoing joke during the run of cult TV series Arrested Development.

“Since our debut in the desert last summer, Las Vegas has largely been our muse, and what better way to honor the city than introducing the dynamic Blue Man Group experience to our audience through an original performance with Steve Aoki,” explained Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella. “Aoki is one of the most entertaining DJs to watch as he exudes a raw energy during each set. In bringing these two together, we anticipate this will be an explosive moment at EDC and take the performance to the next level.”

“I’ve always worked hard to deliver the most entertaining performance possible and what better way to do that than to partner with Blue Man Group for Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas,” Aoki himself explained. There’s no word yet on whether Aoki plans to blue himself, but here’s to hoping.