Watch: Mr. Oizo’s new movie…starring Marilyn Manson

As well as mastering the music thing, Mr. Oizo (that’s Quentin Dupieux to his mother) has also built up a solid filmmaking resume over the years. First up, the nutty Frenchman released the feature-length Steak in 2007, before bringing us the absurdist thriller about a psychotic tyre roaming the American desert and exploding heads with telekinesis (really), Rubber, in 2010. Now, Dupieux has released his latest silver screen offering: Wrong Cops.

Predictably, Wrong Cops is pretty batty stuff. But it’s not just standard-Oizo whack – famously weird musician in his own right, goth rocker Marilyn Manson has a starring role in the film. Manson plays braces-clad, skateboard-riding teenager David Delores Frank (the fact that Manson’s currently 43 of course only adds to the humour), kidnapped by a bent cop who, appalled by the teen’s proclivity for techno, seeks to give Manson’s character a real musical education.

For now, we’ve just got the 13-minute Chapter 1 of Wrong Cops, though Oizo Tweeted that the film will be rounded out to a full 90 minutes when the next six chapters begin filming on June 5. Oizo’s kept up with his usual self-deprecating humour, with the starring cop describing Manson’s taste in techno in particularly scathing terms. “You know what that reminds me of? That reminds me of a guy who got his balls trapped in a washing machine and would have recorded it with a microphone,” the one of many very-quotable lines begins. “It sucks! There’s no emotion, anyone could do that with a computer in 10 minutes. That is not real music!”

Proving that the flick is amazing as it sounds, Chapter 1 of Wrong Cops screened at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival last week – though you can watch and judge for yourself over here. And with that, Mr Oizo remains the coolest man in electronic music.