Watch MaRLo recap “the journey so far” in new video

In 2015 MaRLo is one of Australia’s biggest trance exports, but his success didn’t happen overnight.

Take it from the man himself: “I worked jobs I really didn’t like just to pay my rent and DJ’d for free, or very little money, because I loved it,” the producer born Marlo Hoogstraten reflects in The Journey So Far, the biographical video he’s just shared with Facebook fans. “I got home from work and I’d work [on music] until four in the morning, then get up and go to my regular job.”

These days, it’s a very different story. Now, MaRLo is a full time trance titan: he’s just set out on a huge global tour, is regularly championed by Armin van Buuren, hit #1 on Beatport for his anthem Atlantis (and ranked in inthemix’s list of the best Australian dance tracks of all time for Boom) and he’ll be leading the Stereosonic stage of the same name when the festival tour kicks off this November.

But that’s only part of the story – to see just how far MaRLo has come, click play on The Journey So Far below. “My idea of success was being able to quit my day job, when I could do what I wanted to do,” he says. “Everything else is just the cherry on top.” [On mobile? Watch the video here.]

The journey so far…

Posted by MaRLo on Monday, August 10, 2015