Watch all your favourite ’90s pop groups insult this Sydney DJ

In 2017 all those bands you danced to at your year six formal are back and making bank on nostalgia-themed arena tours.

Case in point? Last month pop veterans B*witched, S Club (now down from seven members to three), Atomic Kitten, East 17 and Liberty X all teamed up for an Australian tour that hit big-capacity venues fromĀ Brisbane to Hobart. Joining them on the road was Sydney’s own DJ Levins, there to provide the warm-up, changeover and backing music for the tour.

It might sound like a sweet gig, but spare a thought for poor Levins – as a recent video diary reveals, he wasn’t exactly the tour’s most popular guy. With complaints ranging from his “weird slimy smile” to his “annoying little face,” the consensus from the artists on the bill was that “DJ Levins sucks”.

But hey, Levins – at least the response wasn’t as bad as that time you played Justin Bieber at Meredith?