Watch Family Guy perfectly take the piss out of Molly-guzzling DJs

Back in 2015, Family Guy made a subtle dig at the world of dance music when they awarded Daft Punk with a Grammy for the taxing act of pressing one button on an old Casio keyboard.

Now in a new episode aired this week in the US, Family Guy have again put superstar DJs in the firing line – and this time, they’ve gone all out. Their latest episode sees Peter Griffin find a new career as a DJ – as “a guy with a laptop and an inflated self-image,” it’s a role he’s perfectly qualified for – where he quickly reaches festival headliner status.

It’s fairly easy to take the piss out of the high-flying world of DJs – hell, they do it pretty well themselves – and Family Guy doesn’t hold back. From barbs about live mixing (“it’s all cued up, just push this button”), and set lengths (“You’ve been playing the exact same song for 14 hours – that means you’re great!”) to the name of the festival, (“Electric Clam”) it all hits very, very close to home.

Watch Family Guy take on DJ culture below.

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