Watch Eric Prydz unveil his absolutely insane new EPIC 5.0 live show

For months now, Swedish titan Eric Prydz has been drumming up anticipation for his new live show, EPIC 5.0. Last November he assured fans that the show would “blow your head off”, and proceeded to drop teaser after teaser onto his socials.

Well, we don’t have to wait any longer now. Prydz debuted EPIC 5.0 in London on Friday night, and by the looks of it, it’s every bit as mind-blowing as he promised.

A dedicated fan called Fred Klem was on hand to film the show from start to finish, capturing every inch of the stunning visuals throughout the nearly two-hour performance. Holograms, 3D lasers, a giant geometric backdrop: if you can think of it, EPIC 5.0 has got it.

As for the setlist, Prydz gave punters plenty to chew on, dropping tracks from his famous aliases Cirez D and Pryda, as well as a stack of unreleased material.

Watch it all unfold below.