Watch Dillon Francis perfectly take down the DJ Mag 100

This morning DJ Mag named their Top 100 DJs for 2016 and, as ever, the reaction has been divisive.

While few were surprised to see Martin Garrix in the #1 spot, the rest of the list brought some more head-scratching moments: a now-retired Avicii came in at #11, while techno legend Carl Cox scraped in at just #74 and top-tier selectors like Nina Kraviz, Carl Craig and Tiga were noticeably absent.

But no one’s more exasperated about this year’s list than Dillon Francis, who’s vented his issues with the poll in a very funny video directed at DJ Mag.

“I just don’t understand the list anymore. Is it for best producer? Or is it for what you’ve achieved throughout the year? Or if you are actually the best DJ?” Dillon asks. “If it was for best producer, this is kind of fucking ridiculous to me. Daft Punk is number 72, they just worked with The Weeknd. Major Lazer’s number 44 – they had the #1 record in the world forever, like with the most streams ever.”

“So if it’s not for best producer in the world, then it should be for DJing, because it’s called DJ Mag. But where the fuck is Craze and A-Trak on the list? Because they’re the best DJs,” he continues. “And if it’s not for that, and it’s just a popularity contest, then who the fuck are half of these people that I’ve never heard of in my entire life?”

“I don’t get what this list is telling me now. Is it a cooking list? Can Nicky Romero make great borscht? Is that what this list is for?” Watch Dillon’s full rant below.