Watch Deadmau5 remake the Stranger Things theme in his crazy new studio

Earlier this month, Adelaide production whiz Luke Million recorded his own take on the theme from Netflix success story Stranger Things. His spin on that eerie synth piece (composed for the show by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein of Texan electronic group S U R V I V E) has now tallied up over 3.5 million views and won Million a legion of new fans.

Now it’s time for Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman to have a go. As a fan of the Stranger Things opening theme, Zimmerman announced on Twitter that he was attempting his own analogue “remake from scratch.” That of course meant streaming the whole process on Twitch, live from the new studio lair at his country estate in Campbellville, Ontario. You can now geek out with the entire session below, which offers nearly three hours of tinkering on a computer screen, plugging and unplugging of wires and sudden flashes of synth-y goodness.

It’s no surprise Zimmerman is eager to show off his new studio. The work space was a long time coming, and the end result is extremely impressive. Toronto acoustics specialists Pilchner Schoustal converted the master bedroom of the house into a sleek studio lined with all of Deadmau5’s favourite machines. Needless to say, he’s well equipped to tackle the Stranger Things theme.

Check out the stream below or on the Deadmau5 Twitch channel and try not to feel too jealous of this set-up.

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