Watch dance veterans and EDM stars go head-to-head in this new documentary

At first, the casting of Carl Cox and Martin Garrix as co-leads in the documentary What We Started might seem a little curious.

Both are massive dance stars in their own right, but the space they occupy within the industry couldn’t be more different. Cox is a stalwart of the game who cut his teeth playing clubs in the 1980s, whereas Garrix is the just-turned-21 wunderkind who burst out of his bedroom to play stadiums in 2013 — with no previous experience at all.

What We Started brings together these wildly different careers to tell the story of the last 30 years of dance music, from its underground beginnings (led by Cox) to today’s dominating EDM scene (spearheaded by Garrix). A first trailer for the film was released last week, and focuses on Garrix’s rapid rise from bedroom producer to festival king.

There are brief glimpses of some of the film’s guests, like Seth Troxler, David Guetta, Paul Oakenfeld and Steve Angello. Apart from anything else, the short clip demonstrates the tension that exists between some of dance’s veterans and the new guard of EDM stars.

“Why is a 17-year-old the fucking face of dance music? What the fuck?” Seth Troxler asks, while British legend Paul Oakenfeld has a similar outlook: “16/17-year-old kid makes a record. He has no experience ever of playing in front of a crowd…and they book him. Why?”

What We Started was premiered last week at LA Film Festival, an official release date has yet to be announced. Watch the trailer below.