Watch Conan O’Brien get turned away at Berghain

If you thought that time Clare Danes recreated her Berghain dance moves on Ellen was the worst humiliation Berlin’s techno temple could endure, you might want to look away now.

In a segment aired on his eponymous late night TV show this week, host Conan O’Brien has filmed himself getting rejected from the world’s most infamous club. O’Brien rocks up to Berghain – or as he calls it, “The Berghain” – on a Sunday morning, where he’s shocked to find clubbers both exiting and entering the club. But before he can even make it to the front door, a group of men ask him to leave and threaten to call the police. In the words of one German onlooker: “I [never] saw someone getting rejected at that distance”.

One person not laughing at Conan’s skit is Smart Bar hero The Black Madonna, who hit out at the TV host when her husband spotted the film crew outside the club in September. “I don’t need to know what he’s joking about to know that he’s taking millions of people into a space that is private for a good reason,” she said in a since-deleted post picked up by FACT Magazine. “I’m not humourless about any subject. But turning a space like this into a comedy spectacle for a largely straight American audience with no context other than the club being private and gay is a problem.”

Watch the footage below.