Watch Claire Danes tell Ellen about raving at Berghain

Hollywood actress Claire Danes is known for many things – breakout roles in My So Called Life and Romeo + Juliet, her lead role in current drama Homeland, once dating Ben Lee – but being a dyed-in-the-wool fan of hard techno has not, up until now, been among those claims to fame.

That all changed with Danes’ recent interview on Ellen, where she told the chat show host all about her time shooting Homeland in Berlin and how she became acquainted with one of the city’s favourite pastimes: all-weekend-raving.

Watch below as Danes tells Ellen all about her conversion to the ways of the rave after a Sunday afternoon visit to Berghain where, as Ellen is amazed to learn, there’s such debauchery as an ice cream parlour and people dancing naked. Danes also gives a fairly decent example of some shape throwing and criticises the Hi-NRG Euro cheese Ellen plays as “bad techno” (although she loses credibility points for describing Panoramabar a place to hear “disco and hip hop”).

Fortunately for the Hollywood star, she got in “with the guy who knows the owner” and was able to sneak into Berghain through the back way, because who knows whether or not the club’s infamous doorman Sven Marquardt would have deemed Danes as being part of “the right mix” for the club’s atmosphere. Watch the clip from Ellen below.

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