Watch both the real and fake Steve Aokis troll everyone at Stereosonic

If you’ve been anywhere near the internet in the past week then you’ve probably seen the video of Perth photographer Jarrad Seng trolling Stereosonic punters by pretending to Steve Aoki. His doppelganger skills were surprisingly effective – so effective that the real Steve Aoki invited Seng along to Stereosonic Melbourne last weekend to repeat the stunt, but this time with the real Steve pretending to be his photographer.

Some hilarious wide-eyed confusion follows, as the real Aoki reveals himself to punters. “I know who he is!” yells one gurner. “He’s the fake Steve A…Aok…holy shit! He’s in on it…I’m so confused now.” Even Emoh Instead is temporarily fooled by the fake Steve, although not everyone is buying it. “I know you’re him,” says one girl to the real Steve, “because I saw you onstage and you were throwing cake.”

“All the Asians with long hair and facial hair, we’re all one now,” Aoki says. “We’re all Steve,” adds Seng. Hit play on the clip below to see Aoki and his doppelganger punk the punters.