You need to see an orchestra play Darude’s ‘Sandstorm’ live at Vivid

In the years since Sandstorm was elevated from a humble noughties hit to the internet’s most relentless meme, Darude’s classic tune has been mashed-up with Shannon Noll, synced to Christmas light displays, played from the bell tower of Sydney Uni and dropped on the Stereosonic mainstage.

Now, Sandstorm has another feather for its already-overstuffed cap: it’s been reinterpreted and played live by an orchestra.

Last night, the Sydney Youth Orchestra put their spin on Darude as part of IGNITE, the Vivid show that reinterpreted club classics from the 90s to 2016 complete with a conductor, keys and a full string section. We’ve scored (iPhone filmed) footage of the magic moment courtesy of audience member Samual Duncan, meaning you can watch Sandstorm get its orchestral makeover below.

It won’t be the last time this year that Sydney gets to witness the union of electronic and classical music – this September local heroes Flight Facilities will team up with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra for a live show as part of the RBMA Weekender.