Vitalic: Evolving

Vitalic’s love of electronic music started at an early age, with a particular passion for the sounds of disco, techno and synths. After meeting and finding mentors in Laurent Garnier and DJ Hell, the Frenchman released Poney EP on DJ Hell’s International DeeJay Gigolo Records, a now-classic tune that heralded the beginning of his famous sound. Vitalic has since backed his up this first success with the albums OK Cowboy, V Live, and Flashmob in 2009. This April, Vitalic is headed to Australia for the Creamfields tour and in the lead up to the festival, we spoke to the producer from his home in Dijon.

How was your New Year’s this year, I saw you were in Madrid?

It was crazy! Parties in Spain are always crazy. It was really big and apart from the music, I really love being in Spain and it was really good to tour there. It was a memorable night. I actually played at a party the next day which was great.

Well let’s go back to the start. What got you into electronic music?

Well, I have always loved it since I was a kid – even if it wasn’t techno, maybe more electronic disco – it was kind of a natural thing to start. So little by little, I bought my first synthesiser, then my second one and it went from there.

What was the scene like in France during that time?

In France at that time the scene was strong, it was big. There was a local scene that was also really connected to the English one, and Japan with Japanese techno, and the US of course. On top of that, Dijon – which is a small city – was really linked to the main cities for electronic music. We had a club that was really active, Laurent Garnier would come every month, and we had lots of musicians from clubs in the city. So it was the right place to start, for at that moment at least.

The thing I love about your music is that it always seems to have soul to it. How do you feel your music has changed over time? Are you looking at things differently now than when you first began?

For sure, I couldn’t repeat the same things all the time or I would get bored! So in the beginning, I was really into the harder stuff, hard techno let’s say. Then after I thought it was time to explore my disco stuff, and then more punky stuff for the first album and so I changed this way to a new flavour. But also, the way we make music has completely changed over the years, so even if I wanted to have the same song of five years ago, I couldn’t. It’s quite easy to evolve.

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