We’ve unearthed a stack of vintage Sydney rave flyers

Inthemix has taken a pretty big trip down memory lane over the last week.

It started last Thursday, when we ran a story featuring prime footage footage from a 1996 Sydney rave at Alexandria’s infamous Graffiti Hall of Fame. We were then contacted by a a guy called Neil Keene, who told us he was sitting on a goldmine of old photos, videos, and flyers from the halcyon days of the Sydney rave scene — which he generously shared with us.

So we ran another story, this time featuring some great footage from another 1996 party in Lidcombe. And now we’ve mined Keene’s excellent collection of rave flyers, which come from classic bashes like Hardcore Heaven, Utopia, and The Prophecy.

If you were at any of these parties back in the late ’90s, prepare to have your memory jogged.

Courtesy of Neil Keene