Vince Watson: Catching the echoes from the future

It has been around three years since Australian audiences witnessed the debut tour by Vince Watson. Considering it had taken around ten years to get him over here, we’re not doing too badly.

Whilst growing up in Erskine, Scotland, Watson’s nascent DJ career started at his school’s weekend discos. Since that time he has had countless hits on influential labels such as Delsin, Tresor, Planet E and Ibadan. He has played shows at most corners of the planet. And he is one of the nicest guys to round it off.

Solitude is such an amazing piece of music, Vince. Will you please go out and slap Hollywood to let you do a film soundtrack? Tell us about the creation of that track.

Solitude was written on a really rainy day with the winter socks on and a big cup of tea thinking about how I was stuck inside all day. We’re talking to Sky at the moment about some bits for the HD channel, but for sure my long term objectives are most certainly in my efforts for soundtracks.

You were previously doing some film and TV work. Are you still working on that side of things?

We’re always doing little bits here and there for various people, and we always will be. I say ‘we’ because although I write all the music, I have a great team behind me including my manager, publisher and agent who all work together.

I’m always looking for interesting work outside of the ‘club zone’. I need to use my creativeness as much as I can or I get frustrated – we all need an exit route for our creative energy and mines will always be music. I tried drawing and I’m crap!

Your musical training makes for some great tunes. Do you have times where you feel constrained by your understanding?

Never. I only use what ability I have when I need or want to. It doesn’t drive what I do – it’s me that is in control. So when I want to let loose and just freestyle I go for it! But when I really need to play with 11 fingers, I can focus and try my best. It doesn’t always work out but that’s what experimenting is all about. Some of the key parts in my tracks have came from mistakes or lucky moments, but I’m not telling you which ones.

If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

Great question…For me it wouldn’t be on the musical side, but more on the business side. I would definitely have separated management from agents sooner, as I spent far too long relying on too few people. To be a successful artist in this modern world, you need people around you working for you.

There is just so much to do now that in order to create great music you have to remove yourself from all the other things that distract you. Since I changed a few things 18 months ago I’ve been able to really open up and get back to the productivity I was used to previously. I got lost in that sea of genre changing and dropping sales. You have to take the fight to the system to beat it or it will eat you up.

Your MySpace page mentions ‘people you would like to meet’. Who would you classify as your intellectual heroes or inspirations?

Haha, there is a lot of people I would like to meet, mostly dead ones but as that’s not happening soon, I’ll stick to the current crop of humans.

Quantum physicist Michio Kaku is right up there, he is simply awesome and provides simple explanations for some of the most difficult-to-comprehend theories. Derren Brown, a mental illusionist and all-round genius is one of the most talented people in the world when it comes to entertainment.

David Attenborough is a true living legend, as he simply loves what he does and puts his heart and soul into every film he makes. If only the 500 singles released in the minimal section each week put that amount of effort into what they are doing. Finally, Harry Lorayne has the most amazing brain. His memory techniques and ability to recall information is outstanding and one of a kind.

You came out to Australia in 2007. How were those shows and what are you looking forward to most about coming back here?

Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been three years since I’ve been here! I am really excited to be coming back. The shows were all really good last time, except Canberra where I had food poisoning halfway through my set and, well, you can imagine the rest…that was a disaster!

Blow Your Own Way in Melbourne last time was such an amazing atmosphere, so I’m delighted to be doing that again. I am really excited to be also playing Strawberry Fields after hearing about it from various people. Brisbane was a quick in and out last year but the people were excellent so it’s great to be playing for them again and Sydney is looking red hot also for the HaHa guys again. A great tour and I’m keen to play my heart and soul out for everyone.

What are your top 5 tracks or albums (of any genre) that you are listening to the most right now?

In no order: Gas – Pop, Hans Zimmer – Inception Soundtrack, Model 500 – OFI (Mad Mike remix), Choice – Acid Eiffel, Bachal Mar Khalife – Oil Slick.