This video of Sven Väth’s brother dancing on stage at a festival is going viral

A couple of weeks back, techno don and avid-football fan Sven Väth stepped up for a set at Italy’s Kappa FuturFestival.

The Cocoon head delivered a set crammed full of festival favourites like Moderat and Maximaal, but it was his brother Holger who really stole the show — by jumping on stage to showcase some truly eye-popping dance moves.

From sly hip thrusts to sensuous head touching and liberal amounts of arm waving, Holger truly brought his A-game to the stage. No wonder the video of him cutting shapes has clocked up over 100,000 views in just six hours:

Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve admired the Väth brothers for their dancing prowessLong before he was a techno legend, Sven Väth made a name for himself as the Europop act OFF, even scroing a hit single with ‘Electric Salsa’.

All traces of his pop star past may have burnt away like those end-of-bender brain cells, if not for this vintage TV performance. Watch as Sven struts, prances, hip-shakes and practices the gurn-face that will serve him so well in later years: