Various Artists – The Sound of the 10th Season, mixed by Sven Vath

Sven Vath is at the top of his game. Possibly one the biggest techno DJs in the world, and at the helm of the one of the best nights in Ibiza, Cocoon at the famed Amnesia, Vath is an institution in all things electronic and techy. So as the end of the year rolls round, and with the season wrapped up on the legendary isle, Mr Vath is kind enough to showcase his collection of best tunes from his epic tenth season doing Cocoon.

A master of teasing genres, whilst famous for his tech sets, he easily swings between house and techno, and this offering from the man is a delight for those wanting to get a little taste of Ibiza. With a Mediterranean flavor, it’s dark enough in all the right places, while still having that party feel, a sound renown for drawing thousands of pilgrims each to have a taste of the legendary electronic delights on offer.

The Sound of the 10th Season features two CDs, which demonstrate the best of electronic music straight from Cocoon. While predominately tech and house driven, it does illustrate the extremities of the genres, loaded elements of lighter tech and deep house that prevents the comp from becoming musically repetitive over the twenty tracks, or too taxing.

With a mission to keep arses shaking on the dance floor, while hands go in the air and the feet stomp, the party techno on this comp does exactly that. The mix starts off kicking, with Alejandro Mosso’s, Somebody, a good opener, which has that Ibizan party flavor stamped all over it. The mood continues with drums and percussion on the Michel Cleis remix of The Beginning, until a more tech sound takes over. By mid way through the first disc, a tech assault begins, with nice electronic rhythms which build on each track. As the pace picks up, Vath flirts with darker sounds, while never letting them take full control. He continues to tease us, before finishing the mix with a trumpet dominated final track Living in Africa, which gets things back in the fluffier party mode again, with lots of instruments and tribal vocal. He teases us all through the mix, playing with elements of different genres, delivering a seductive sound, which at all times blurs the lines between musical boundaries.

Disc two starts quite mellow, constructing its pace over the first few tracks. Again it flirts between genres, with traces of minimal tech, tech house and tribal, before a darker sound evolves, before slipping into back into an ambient, uplifting house affair on Come Home. Backed straight up by one of the biggest tunes of the season, the tribal homage La Mezcla, Vath keeps listeners wondering what possibly could come next. Vath gives us a fitting farewell, pushing his mash of down tempo tech house for the conclusion.

The Sound of the 10th Season is a great collection of tunes from this year’s season. Perhaps a little musically limited at times, considering it was pulled from the pulse of the infamous Cocoon, this comp certainly adds to the intrigue of Vath, a master of slipping between genres, and a maestro of keeping his audiences guessing.