Various Artists – Ten Years Cocoon Ibiza: Dubfire & Loco Dice In The Mix

If you’ve been hanging around these parts all winter, moping about the fact you’re missing out on the European summer and all that comes with it – including the tenth anniversary celebrations of Cocoon at Amnesia in Ibiza, then this double CD mega-mix should cheer you up right nice. Dubfire and Loco Dice took on the mammoth task of capturing all that is a decade worth of deep, dark goodness at one of the island’s deadliest club nights. Not surprisingly, both have done an amazing job, so fear not – no efforts have been made to turn Ten Years of Cocoon Ibiza into “something you can listen to at home”. Thank Christ.

Dubfire’s mix is dirty Balearic noise from the get-go. It may start with a gentle 92-second wake-up call in Basic Channel’s Mutism mixed with Mr Bizz Eternity. It’s a Mediterranean calling that at once transports you to the hotter, darker side of the hedonistic island, quickly descending into some beautiful bass lines melting into hypnotic, trance-y vibes to slowly sweep you along with it. You’re not quite sure where it’s going to take you, but you already trust it completely. Hook, line, sinking, it’s a mix that draws you in immediately. Rather than a long-winded journey, it’s straight to the deep stuff by Fritz Lander’s Keep Focused.. Watch for the drop into Serok’s Vision – beautiful tune. And Anton Pieete Minutos is nicely, slightly reminiscent of L Kubic’s classic Voyager. While things get a bit light and tribal mid-way with tracks like Tiga’s Beep Beep (Loco Dice Remix) and Andrea Oliva’s Rainers, the vocal stuff is soon pushed back to make way for the deep delights of Yapp’s Conga De Terre and Max Cavalerra’s Function. Opening and closing with Basic Channel’s Mutism in the mix is a clever touch. If you enjoyed the sounds of Dubfire’s “Click-2-Click” efforts with Richie Hawtin at Exit Festival earlier this year, it’s fairly safe to recommend having a listen to this.

Of his mix, Loco Dice said he “Wanted to capture the very special flair of the terrace at the Cocoon nights. That’s why I have designed the 70-minute-mix to be very open for all styles and understand this mix as a topography between all latitudes of contemporary electronic music.” It’s a heady, yet slightly lighter mix, starting off with the Eastern flavours of Jin Choi’s Carnivores, but something you can sink your teeth into all the same. Levon Vincent’s Woman is the Devil and Patrick Specke’s A Bitchual Linestepper give off that typical Loco Dice fusion flair, before melting into the mesmerising melody of Jaze Haze & Ricardo Villalobos’ aptly named Mellow Dee. Things feel nice and controlled while the tempo remains chilled from Vlad Caia’s Chango through to Davide Squillace’s One Lobster, Please, until Loco picks up the pace into the back end of the mix, ending with hints of Detroit in the form of Octave One’s Terraforming.

While both CDs are worth a listen, Dubfire’s is a definite win. While both mixes are more about the current sounds of Cocoon rather than the 10-year retrospective the title might suggest, rest assured, Ten Years of Cocoon Ibiza has the ability to take you all the way.