Various Artists – I Love Techno 2008, mixed by Boys Noize

I wonder if Boys Noize ever sleeps. His debut album Oi Oi Oi was only released in September last year and in the time since he has put out a Bugged Out mix, a double album compilation for his label Boys Noize Records and now comes a mix CD for the European dance festival I Love Techno. For those who aren’t aware, I Love Techno is Europe’s leading indoor dance festival attracting some 35 000 people across 6 six rooms, but more importantly it has given Boys Noize a chance to release a brilliant forward looking mix album.

Opening the proceedings is a DMX crew track that Boys Noize has had a bit of fun with changing the words of the song from “White Noise” to “Boys Noize”, then mixing that straight into Proxy’s monster anthem Raven. The energy and the tone for the album are set at that moment.

One problem with this mix is if you put it on as your getting ready to go out, on a Saturday night, it will cause you to peak too early, thus ruining your night. You have been warned. It sounds like dancing in a smokey German club with a girl dressed all in black as she whispers in your ear that she wants to make out with you as she redlines her car, racing the two of you down the autobahn, back to her apartment. Nothing you’re going to experience after you listen to this is going to compare, so you might as well give up and spend a bit of private time in the shower.

Boys Noize clearly has some friends at some desirable record labels because the album features new releases and remixes from the likes of Mr. Oizo, Diplo, Yuksek & Brodinski, Para One and the crazy new track The Worm from ZZT, the duo featuring Tiga and Zombie Nation. Poni Hoax Hypercommunicaiton is a dark, sexy song that sounds like it features the vocals of Kraftwerk. That is, if they were fronted by humans rather than robots. Listening to this album will put a smile on your face and make you wish you could walk into a club this weekend, ask the DJ to take a break, play this CD and give it the work out on a large sound system that it truly deserves.

I Love Techno captures more than just what is exciting in dance music right now but also looks towards what we will be hearing on our dance floors in the future and I for one hope that this is the sort of the music we can expect from Alex Ridha when he tours Australia under his Boys Noize moniker during the New Year period.