US dubstep trio play show so loud it “shakes the walls” of distant neighbours

Body-armour-wearing US dubstep trio Destroid – aka Excision, Downlink and KJ Sawka – are renowned for teeth-rattling, speaker-shaking live shows, but earlier this month they apparently outdid themselves. The trio’s Safe In Sound tour (which also featured Adventure Club, Flux Pavilion, UZ and Terravita) hit Orlando in the US with a show so loud, local news station Channel 9 reported that “people who lived more than a mile away called 911 to complain about it” (via Dancing Astronaut).

Safe In Sound attracted 6000 punters to the Firestone Festival Grounds in Orlando…and a “flood” of noise complaints to the 911 switchboard. “It’s so loud it’s literally shaking the walls,” said one complainer, to footage of office roof panels caving in and cars shaking in the street (stock footage of earthquakes, presumably). “I’ve lived here for going on two years now and I’ve never heard whatever is coming from over there,” added another. “The Safe In Sound event says it was 150,000 watts of sound,” the Channel 9 reporter said. “People claimed the music was so loud, it was rattling their windows.”

Destroid proudly posted video of the news report to their Facebook page earlier today, which you can watch below; read the Channel 9 news report in full here. Next up, Destroid take their “wall-shaking” Safe In Sound tour to Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Jose and Seattle.

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