Unsurprisingly, DJs are really mad at the results of the DJ Mag 100

Over the weekend, DJ Mag named their Top 100 DJs of 2017, and — as per usual — the results have people divided.

Dutch wunderkind Martin Garrix took out the top spot for the second year running, with mainstage stars like Armin van Buuren and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike rounding out the top three.

As usual, the poll offered a few questionable moments: Porter Robinson only just scraped in at #96, Flume landed at #87 despite the fact he prefers to play live over DJing, and revered selectors like Nina Kraviz and Tiga failed to make the cut at all.

Since the results were revealed, a stack of DJs and producers have voiced their disdain for the poll over social media, even artists that were included in the ranking. Mad Decent head Diplo came in a #25, but he didn’t seem to care that much, tweeting: “only 75 spots til I’m finally off this list let’s go further next year.”

Scroll down to see more of the reactions. ‘Til next year, DJ Mag.

Only 75 spots til I’m finally off this list let’s go further next year https://t.co/2cxd0Dxuyh

— diplo (@diplo) October 22, 2017

haha dj mag top 100 dj’s. i know it’s beating a dead horse but…

djing has taken on a whole new meaning. should be the TOP 100 DJ BRAND

— Ð E S Ŧ R O Y E R (@DjDieselboy) October 22, 2017

who still buys into that dj mag bullshit? are there real people that do?

— к†и (@killthenoise) October 22, 2017

the problem with dj mag top 100 is that nobody in america takes it seriously but everyone outside does

and they don’t know it’s a joke

— sliver (@joshpan) October 21, 2017

When are people planning to not give a fuck about the DJ Mag Top 100 bullshit list & focus on music instead? We all know it’s bullshit?

— Marcus Schössow (@marcusschossow) October 21, 2017

Back in the days, when I gave a fuck about these list’s I was offered to “secure” my DJ Mag Top 100 spot by “buying an ad” in the magazine.

— Marcus Schössow (@marcusschossow) October 21, 2017

I would pay to see only one dj from the dj mag top 100.

— Friend Within (@FriendWithin) October 22, 2017

I was offered an “advertising package”. I politely declined…

— Shaun Frank (@Shaun_Frank) October 22, 2017

we got porter at 96 flume at like 83 and dj fucking chester cheeto and dj candy corn in the top 30 https://t.co/lbUq9ydvXv

— greg (@ZAXXOfficial) October 22, 2017

Before everyone starts tweeting about how dumb this years DJ Mag top 100 is I just want to say DJ Mag top 100 is dumb every year

— KENPATHY (@ColorstormKid) October 21, 2017

Who’s ur favorite Dj on the djmag top 100 so far?

— senpai (@Ghastly) October 21, 2017

Hey @DJmag how much money did you raise for @UNICEF

— ▽ (@3LAU) October 22, 2017

It was a question, that was legitimately intended, and that I (& many more i’m sure) would like to know the answer to.

— ▽ (@3LAU) October 22, 2017