This guy chugging Sriracha hot sauce in the crowd at Ultra is dance music’s new hero

Ultra Music Festival Miami has wrapped up for another year, and while Swedish House Mafia reuniting on the main stage might be the biggest story to come out of the weekend — there’s another hero from the festival that deserves a shoutout.

If you were watching Joyryde’s set on the livestream on Saturday morning (Friday afternoon Miami time) you might have caught a glimpse of a punter in the front row gleefully necking a bottle of Sriracha hot sauce. Like so:

Apparently, this isn’t the first time the guy has chugged some hot sauce in the crowd — he reportedly pulled out a bottle while raging hard at California festival Beyond Wonderland last week.  The trend isn’t limited to this one guy either: at an Excision show in June last year a bloke pulled out a bottle to spray into his mouth just as the drop hit.

It’s certainly not the weirdest dance trend to have taken hold (rinsing anyone?) but it’s definitely the spiciest.