UK punters vote on ‘the most influential dance acts of all time’

It was just last week that we put the word out to inthemix contributors to cast their vote on the 30 greatest live acts in dance music, which saw the contributor massive name a diverse list of acts both big – Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk – and small – Henrik Schwarz, Apparat. Well now the UK crew behind Global Gathering have done something similar, asking fans to vote for “the most influential dance act of all time”.

The survey comes as part of the celebrations for Global Gathering’s 10th anniversary – following last week’s very amusing festival lexicon – and canvassed 2000 festival goers’ opinions. As it turns out, the overseas punters have similar feelings to Timers, putting together a near-identical list to ours.

The full top ten from the Global Gathering survey can be seen below but it’s interesting to note that five of the artists in our top ten ranked well in the Global Gathering list, with Kraftwerk, Orbital, Faithless and The ‘Chems all coming in strong, whilst the top two spots in our list were switched, with The Prodigy edging out the French robots for the #1 crown.

Interestingly enough, the only live act in the Global Gathering list to not make the ITM list is New Order, who land at #4 with the UK crowd. Clearly ITMers are sick to death of Peter Hook sullying their rep.

10 Most Influential Dance Acts as voted by Global Gathering fans:

1. The Prodigy (29%)

2. Daft Punk (13%)

3. Faithless (11%)

4. New Order (9%)

5. Orbital (7%)

6. Kraftwerk (5%)

7. Paul Oakenfold (4%)

8. Carl Cox (4%)

9. Fatboy Slim (3%)

10. Chemical Brothers (2%)

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