Twitter war erupts over Seth Troxler’s “sonic ear rape” comment

This week in Twitter beef – besides the back and forth between Skrillex and Deadmau5 – we’ve been treated to some serious snark exchanged between big-room’s big guns and the doyens of the underground.

It all kicked off when Dutch producer Dyro came across a clip on Facebook from a 2014 documentary shot by Resident Advisor, in which noted firebrand and “EDM” hater Seth Troxler throws shade at Tomorrowland attendees and mainstage music. “It bothers me, listening to bad music, it really upsets me,” Troxler says in the clip. “I’ve been calling some of that stuff lately ‘sonic ear rape’.”

The artist who’s onstage at Tomorrowland as Troxler looks on disdainfully? That would be Dyro, who didn’t take the criticism lightly. “Didn’t know I was cool enough to have Seth Troxler hate on my music, thanks for the compliment!” Dyro posted snarkily, adding that Troxler “thinks rape is funny.”

Dyro’s label boss Hardwell was quick to throw in his own two cents of reassurance. “Whatever with him brother,” Hardwell tweeted. “It’s a shame for him acting like that. Maybe you should give him a production class, he’ll need that.” Nice guy Zedd also had some conciliatory words for Dyro (“don’t take it personal dude. Some people feel the need to express their hate to feel better.”), while dance music’s star photographer Rukes also threw in his support for the Dutch mainstage star.

Troxler, meanwhile, hasn’t entered the Twitter fray, but techno don Dubfire had some words for the big-room set. “Agree with @sethtroxler about that #SonicEarRape,” Dubfire tweeted. “There oughta be laws.” Scroll down to watch the original Facebook clip, and to follow the Twitter back and forth.

Didn't know I was cool enough to have Seth Troxler hate on my music, thanks for the compliment! Next time tell me when you're around and I'll play you some vengeance loops.

Posted by Dyro on Tuesday, August 11, 2015