For some reason there are lockout exemptions for venues screening the Olympics

In the Olympics madness that has taken over Australia of late, one interesting fact may have slipped your attention: Sydney’s controversial lockout laws have been suspended for select venues for the games.

According to Nine News, a special exemption is currently in place for pubs and clubs that are showing Olympic events featuring Australian athletes competing for gold. These licensed venues are permitted to remain open beyond their usual hours.

“While you might not be able to replicate the atmosphere in Rio, getting down to your local with some friends and cheering on our Aussie heroes has got to be the next best thing,” Deputy Premier Troy Grant said in a statement, without any apparent trace of irony.

For those venues outside the lockout zone, they are being permitted to extend their hours for select events (the women’s basketball final on August 21, and the men’s football finals on August 22.) The exemption is also going to be in place on the night of the NRL Grand Final on October 2, with opening hours for venues extending from 10pm to midnight. Because the NRL is obviously heaps safer than a night out listening to music.

So we guess Mike Baird and co. care about sports, but just not about music or nightlife hey?