Tommie Sunshine reveals world’s most innocent rider, promotes harm reduction

Shaggy-haired DJ Tommie Sunshine may look like the EDM Willie Nelson-in-training, but since the formerly-hard-living electro dude got clean and sober about eight years ago, it’s been all mineral water and strictly no alcohol in sight, as his rider revealed this week.

Sunshine tweeted out his rider this morning in response to the tragic deaths over the weekend at New York’s Electric Zoo festival, sharing links to harm reduction websites and an Ecstacy Awareness video starring himself, Kaskade, A-Trak and Z-Trip. Sunshine also called for DJs to lead by example and promote a culture of “honesty, transparency, accountability, education and prevention,” by posting his pre-show requests.

The rider reveals that Sunshine’s reasonable requirements are limited to “a case of cold sealed Evian Water (non-sparkling)” and “dinner for artist or a buy-out of cash for the night of performance,” as well as a request that there be “ABSOLUTELY no alcohol on stage or in the booth” (capitalisation artist’s own)

Not all DJs are as restrained, as previously leaked riders have (often hilariously) revealed. Perennial smart arse Diplo’s rider is one for the trophy room – besides the “essential” items like champagne, raw almonds and soy milk, his “non-essential but generally appreciated items” include a violin player, a Malawian orphan (one must keep up with Madonna) and a framed picture of himself. Steve Aoki is a man who tours in his own private jet, so you can imagine that his rider requests will tend towards the extravagant, and a rider leaked last year didn’t disappoint; apart from the usual requests for cakes and inflatable rafts to toss into the crowd, Aoki also requested two bottles of Cristal and an eighth of local weed.

Meanwhile, Calvin Harris (who pulls in $300,000 a show at Hakkasan) reportedly needs only four bottles of lager and one bottle of vodka, in stark contrast to David Guetta, whose rider for a 2012 Fuck Me I’m Famous show at New York’s Roseland Ballroom detailed more than 100 requirements, including a giant teddy bear and, creepily, zip-ties.