Tom Middleton [Audio]: New romantics, the original emos


A classically trained musician, Tom Middleton has been a revered producer since emerging on the electronic music scene in the early 90s. Meeting his longtime production partner Mark Pritchard at college, individually and as a duo Tom has released many seminal tracks over the years, under a staggering array of aliases, pseudonyms and stage names, including Global Communication, Jedi Knights and Cosmos to name a few.

Of late Tom has focused his attentions on his own solo work, as well as finalising his forthcoming ‘orchestral electronica’ project Amba. With the ink having just dried on Amba’s record contract, he’s looking forward to touring the project throughout 2006 and into 2007, but before that he’s looking even more forward to the forthcoming Playground Weekender Festival in March.

Tim Hardaker, ITM’s National Editor, tracked Tom down while he was kicking back on holiday in southern Italy. Amongst other things, they spoke about his phase as a new romantic teenager in the 80s, and why it’s kind of like the emo trend currently sweeping high schools today.

Tom Middleton appears at the Playground Weekender this March, as well as his own solo club dates:

Fri 9 Mar – 161, Melbourne

Sat 10 Mar – Beware the Cat, Sydney

Sun 11 Mar – Playground Weekender, Sydney