Tiga and Zombie Nation on the ZZT project

“I think partly what happened in the past three or four years is a lot of music became higher and higher octane and, in a lot of ways, that meant less and less room to maneuver.” So begins Turbo Recordings hero Tiga in an interview with The Independent about Party’s Over Earth, his new album alongside Zombie Nation as ZZT.

The album’s title is a wry response to that appetite for bigger, brasher sounds in dance music, Tiga explained to the paper. “To use a Spinal Tap analogy, party music went to ‘eleven’. It’s a little bit of a reaction to that, pointing fun at how ridiculous it all got.

“There is an apocalyptic idea, like how big can a breakdown get, what happens when the party’s over? I remember reading something on Aphex Twin how, with that Digeridoo record, he just made it to kill off parties, there’s a point in the night when a party needs to be killed off. And he made that track deliberately for that purpose, it’s so mental and so ridiculous.”

From the sounds of things, Party’s Over Earth is going to be dark. However, Zombie Nation told inthemix this week that it’s got a twisted humour too. “It has a humorous side, but it’s not easy-listening,” he laughed down the phone from his studio. “It’s dark but also happy in a weird way, maybe.”

“I’m very proud of it, it’s really, really good,” Tiga said to The Independent. “It’s not for everybody. On the surface it can be quite stupid, quite childish in a way. But there are a lot of ideas in there and a lot of interesting techniques. There’s not one filler on it, there’s a lot happening, a lot of good hooks.”

Both ZZT players will be here in summer to show off their handiwork – at Stereosonic for Zombie Nation and the New Year’s festival circuit for Tiga. Party’s Over Earth is released November 11 on Turbo/Balance Music. You can get a feel for the album in the ‘trailer’ below, featuring some apocalyptic intoning from Tiga.