Tiesto to distance himself from trance?

The ITM forums and comments areas blew up with excitement back in June when we revealed that trance superstar Tiesto would be making his long awaited return to Australian shores early next year. His first tour here since the mind-blowing Elements Of Life tour in 2008, Tiesto’s next run of dates are sure to be huge events on 2010’s dance calendar, but in a recent interview with UK paper The Times the Dutch powerhouse has revealed that he’s been gradually moving away from the trance scene.

“In the past few years I’ve discovered a whole new world of indie and rock, and I really like that kind of music,” Tiesto admitted to the paper. Continuing his revelation, the prolific producer went onto say “I’m ready for it [and] the crowd is ready for it.”

As startling as the news of Tiesto’s newfound love for all things guitar-based may seem, there’s been signs about the producer’s genre-switching machinations for some time now. One need only check out some of Tiesto’s most recent material and you’ll see big genre-bending remixes for crossover popstar Calvin Harris, riotous NYC rockers Yeah Yeah Yeahs and even spiky British lads Bloc Party. Indeed, it was just this week that Tiesto dropped his collaboration with infamous Australian pop crew Sneaky Sound System, further evidence that he’s looking outside the trance scene for inspiration.

Although The Times painted Tiesto’s remarks in a rather grave light, we don’t think there’s too much cause for panic just yet. The Tiesto remixes we mentioned above still hold true to Tiesto’s larger than life sound, so somehow we don’t think that Tiesto’s upcoming album will veer radically off course into some oddball blend of Animal Collective-esque psych-folk and pumping trance (even though that sounds kinda awesome).

Time will tell just how influential indie rock has been on the superstar DJ. We might even get some clues when Tiesto arrives for his tour early next year. What’s the bet he opens with some Radiohead?