Tiesto on Ibiza residency: “I can’t do it anymore”

“You can’t plan the future. You never know what’s going to happen. But as long as I always enjoy it and don’t see it as work, I’m going to continue and as soon as I feel like now it’s getting boring or annoying, I’m definitely going to stop.” Those were the words of Stereosonic’s 2012 headliner Tiesto as he opened the recent Electronic Music Conference in Sydney.

During his keynote interview, conducted by Grant Smillie, the man also known as Tijs Verwest covered his preference for “indie” collaborators like Sigur Rí³s and Tegan and Sara over R&B superstars, starting parties on private jets with the Swedish House Mafia, working with 35 full-time staff on Team Tiesto and the Forbes ‘Electronic Cash-Kings’ list.

As previously reported on inthemix, he also shed light on what happened to that Deadmau5 collaboration. “I never like to talk about [possible collaborations], because people are like, ‘Oh, when is it coming out?’,” he told the room. “Sometimes it just doesn’t happen. [Deadmau5 and I] made a track, it was OK, so we didn’t release it. But we Tweeted about it, so everyone was asking when it was coming. I don’t like to say that stuff anymore.”

Perhaps the most candid moment of the conversation came when Smillie asked about Tiesto’s decision to take up a residency at Pacha in Ibiza this year, leaving his post at the colossal Privilege, where he had been since 2008. So, is 2013 locked in at Pacha? “Next year I’m not sure if I can do it, because it takes a lot out of me to play there from the end of May till the end of September,” he revealed. “That’s four full-on months. So I don’t think I can commit to another residency in Ibiza next year. I’m probably not going to end up anywhere, maybe just a one-off show here and there. I’ve played there every week for ten years and I can’t do it anymore, I think.” You can watch the full keynote interview below, and head here for more Electronic Music Conference content.