Tiesto – Club Life, Vol. 2 Miami

The second volume in Tiesto’s Club Life series is once again centred around the burgeoning dance scene in the States, with Miami chosen as the inspiration for this compilation. While Club Life is foremost a compilation mix, extra appeal is added by the fact that Tiesto is involved in ten of the sixteen tracks. So with Tiesto’s productions really finding their feet of late, I had high expectation of what he would be able to craft through this release.

The mix kicks off with Tiesto’s track Miami, which, considering some of the intro tracks he’s created in the past, is a definite let down. Unlike Las Vegas and Ten Seconds Before Sunrise, Miami is nothing more than the bland intro to second track. Chasing Summer has all the hallmarks of contemporary commercial dance music, with a catchy melody progressing into a heavy drop – a formula that sets the tone for the rest of the mix.

Wolfgang Gartner and Tiesto team up for the next track We Own the Night with Luciana on vocals. The track definitely grows on you, with the stabbing melody initially turning me off the track, but after several listens it’s become one of my favorites from the compilation. Third Party then make their contribution with a remix of Tiesto’s What Can We Do (A Deeper Love) with their signature big leads, before the pace is slowed down considerably allowing the listener to take a breather with the deeper track If A Lie Was Love by Baggi Begovic, which is accompanied by the eerie vocals of Josie Cotton.

Next up are remixes of songs that have had worldwide commercial success, with Tiesto’s interpretation’s of Gotye and Kimbra’s Somebody That I Used To Know followed by Coldplay’s Paradise. Both tracks are club bangers, packed with energy accompanied by the usual big synth that Tiesto has become known for – the “trouse” feel is strong in these tracks. There is no energy lost with Walls by Sultan and Ned Shepard and Quilla on vocals, the mix then leads into Tiesto and Hardwell’s remix of The Naked and Famous’s Young Blood, which is a another banging collab’ between the Dutch duo who have yet to take wrong step with any of their tracks.

A break is taken from Tiesto tracks for now, but the same energetic vibe flows on with the beautiful instrumental Life by John Dahlback, which has an amazing melody and makes it the track of the compilation for me, closely behind Paradise which is just as packed with emotion. John De Sohn’s Long Time with Adreas Moe on vocals follows; it is a great progressive track with a groovy bassline and flowing snare drum throughout, however the track could do without the vocals. Axwell’s remix of Ivan Gough and Feenixpawl’s In My Mind with Georgi Kay on vocals then makes its way into the compilation, which while being a great track with awesome progressions and a driving melody, feels out of place not just in its positioning but in the compilation as a whole.

Tiesto then steers the compilation down an electro path with saw-ier basslines becoming the focus, accompanied by melodic breakdowns and Arena by Avesta starts off the chainsaw madness. Tiesto then shows his electro prowess with a very raw remix of Can’t Stop Me Now by Afrojack and Shermanology, which is right up in your face with a heavy melodic bassline and progressions throughout. The following track includes the second Aussie in the compilation with Ben McInerny of New Navy who provides the vocals for Make Some Noise by Tiesto and Swanky Tunes, which has a definite anthem feel about it. Tiesto finishes off with the masterpiece which has helped him close countless sets over the past year, and a fitting finish to the compilation, Maximal Crazy.

While the compilation lacks originality, the indie vocals scattered throughout make up for that. More importantly, the compilation ultimately accomplishes what it set out to achieve: providing the listener with a Miami club life experience, which from what I’ve gathered from the recent UMF is something superfluous, packed with loads of energy. The compilation is definitely something that could be blasted as a amp up to a night out or just sitting back with the headphones on, imagining you’re at a sold out Tiesto stadium show.