Three things we learnt at Tkay Maidza and UV Boi

Three of Australia’s most promising emerging stars – Adelaide’s Tkay Maidza, and Brisbane’s UV Boi and JOY. – teamed up for a tour of country recently, so inthemix headed along to the Sydney show at Goodgod to see what we could learn.

#1 UV Boi’s got a stack of fresh material

His set may have been only half an hour long, but local Sad-Boy-loving champ UV Boi managed to fit as much new material as he could into his always-enthusiastic set, including a signature edit of OT Genasis’s viral anthem Coco (which you won’t find on SoundCloud), and a remix of Tkay Maidza’s M.O.B (which you will).

#2 Tkay Maidza might just have the quickest tongue in the country

It’s hard to find an Australian rapper with a flow that transcends our cultural cringe, but Tkay Maidza does it: and performing live she sings and raps double and triple-time just as smoothly as she does on record. (In fact, she raps so quickly live that at times it’s one long flow). She brings the hits, too: Switch Lanes, M.O.B and Uh Huh had the sold-out crowd in a grinding mess.

#3 She’s got the makings of a star

And she works the stage like someone born to it; even a tiny stage like Goodgod’s got the full force. Maidza’s flow has drawn comparisons to Azealia Banks, which isn’t an unfair comparison, but Maidza runs the stage with even more assurance. Later this month she’s taking her live show to support Charli XCX in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and then on the Groovin The Moo regional tour; catch her now before the crowds get too big. [Photo by Abbie Hunt Photography]